This is no laughing matter, this is not some kind of game, I can tuck away my johnson but I can never tuck away the shame


i still like this pic of me so here on tumblr it goes

ray is such a cutie (◠ω◠✿)


"Honestly, I’m not convinced that life existed before I was born."


the King Gavin lets play was great! I can’t wait for more c:

Title: shut the frick up
Artist: SammyClassicSonicFan
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this has been a p.s.a. from valerie aka kdin’s boyfriend. it doesn’t matter if you disagree with her. this is her stating that she is not okay with it. so respect her wishes and don’t post any pics of kdin from her twitter. 

kdins boyfriend


"We were doing so well and you sabotaged it, like you’re a wife collecting fucking insurance."

Tina and Ray play Surgeon Simulator