Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Bound 4

While i was cutting the clips out for this set i had no idea what to name it i just have 8 files called various amounts of “?????”s

Meg and Gavin teamed up against Ryan on The Patch #62 (x)


Today I realized I am no longer in love with you, I am in love with the idea of you. I’ve said it a hundred times before but I’m ready to let you go because I have finally accepted that, just like an idea, you will not keep me warm at night.

RWBY + RTAH References


so this is going to be a thing right?

rt life + snapchat 4/?

Ryan on the Patch #63 (x)

I think Geoff in the last gif says it all. 

Go! Episode 39. 


michael and kerry shipping sea monkeys is the male version of barbara and arryn shipping bumbleby

Last, but not least is Jon! Jon is a multimillionaire and founder of RT Life Magazine. The latest issue of his magazine features special quests Joel and Adam, where they write an article on ‘How to: Gang Beasts’.