Funny enough, while Ray was singing that song, he’s just hanging out in the back of a fucking taxi. He had full, like, attention for his brain and he still fucked it up.”


Officially the first day of October, which means spooky scary AU right??


hi guys!!! i decided to another bigger giveaway!!

winner will get:

- a lil bunny bag

- sunflower socks

- cute office sticky notes

- a lil flower change purse

- a totoro keychain

- a black tattoo choker from my etsy

- 2 lil flower pots

+ more if i find anything in stores worth picking up!!


- must be following me (yes i will be checking)

- reblog this post as much as you want  

- likes do NOT count, but can be used for bookmarking

- please have your ask box open and be willing to give me your address

- no giveaway blogs!!

more info:

- i will most likely be picking the winner on october 1st 

- i will ship anywhere

- i will give the winners 48 hours to respond, if they don’t, i will pick new people

- i will be using a random generator

feel free to ask questions, starting reblogging, and good luck!!! :-)


rt meme | favorite stage name ;

xray and vav


Gravity Falls cake I made for my boyfriend’s birthday! 


another day passed. here we go again with that fabulous woman! <3